Insight : after Calder, 1

inkjet on archival cotton rag, artist frame

48 x 48 inches, limited edition, 2022

The Insight series is a suite of 30 large-scale collages of variable dimensions. The individual compositions each reveal themselves within the silhouetted shape of an iconic work of contemporary sculpture. In doing so, they perform a delicate two-step: first by turning a three-dimensional sculpture into a flat graphic shape, then by creating a new, reimagined depth through stacked and layered elements. The sculptural object dematerializes and becomes a window; its signature outline becomes, in photo-compositing jargon, a “mask.” Perhaps a reminder that we only ever see the world through our individual, unique sets of limitations—our frames, our blinders, the slit in our veils.

Insight : after Steinbach

inkjet on archival cotton rag, artist frame

30 x 44 inches, limited edition, 2022

The making of a modern (or postmodern) sculptural work has usually meant creating a startlingly stand-alone, non-representational object. Yet while sculpture, when experienced in person, boldly asserts a physical presence, this shifts when a piece is represented in two dimensions—and this is how we most often experience sculptural works: as photography. Rendered flat, frozen and filled with new content, these works become portals to see through, designs that might help us think differently about how we perceive the 'real' world. An insight is a perception that sees through an impenetrability after all.

Slides above: Insight : after … Noguchi, Barlow, Chamberlain, Nevelson, Smith, Koons, Caro, Kabel, Oteiza, Provan, Purifoy, Steinbach